Report of Occupation and Annual Income

직업과 소득 신고의무


A holder of the visa as belows have to report the occupation and the annual income to the competent immigration office.

  • D-7, D-8, D-9
  • E-1, E-2. E-3, E-4, E-5, E-6, E-7
  • E-9, E-10
  • F-2
  • F-4 *only your job, not income
  • F-6
  • H-2



You must report your current occupation and annual income when:

  • You register as a foreigner or report the residence as a F4 visa holder.
  • You apply the visa change
  • You apply to get a permit for activities not covered by your own visa status.
  • You apply to get a permit to change or add workspace.
  • You report to change or add workspace.
  • You apply to get a status of stay.
  • You apply to exend the period of stay.
  • Your job category was changed.

You don't have to report when your income was changed.

Required documents

  • Occupation report form (PDF): Write your current occupation.
  • Application form (PDF / PDF for F4 visa holder): Write your annual income.
  • Income amount certificate is not required.


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