Others (G1)

Others (G1)

Who can apply

A G1 visa is required to respond to emergency situations as follows:

  • Medical service for disease or accident
  • Lawsuit
  • Refugee procedure
  • Criminal victims



A G1 visa has subtypes based on stay purpose as follows. Only a G-1-10 subtype can be issued at the Korea embassy abroad or changed from other visa types at the immigration office. Other subtypes can be changed only.

  • G-1-1: You or your family member is filing an application for compensation or receiving medical treatment in the hospital after being injured at the working facility.
  • G-1-2: You or your family member is receiving medical treatment in the hospital after a disease or accident.
  • G-1-3: You are dealing with a civil or criminal lawsuit.
  • G-1-4: You are in mediation with your employer at the Korean government for nonpayment.
  • G-1-5: A Refugee applicant
  • G-1-6: A humanitarian status holder
  • G-1-7: A family member of a dead person due to the accident, etc.
  • G-1-9: You need humanitarian aid due to pregnancy, childbirth, etc.
  • G-1-10: You or your family member is a patient who needs the long-term stay for the medical treatment. A caregiver also can apply.
  • G-1-11: You are a victim of sexual crime, trafficking, or other serious crime and a criminal investigation or lawsuit is under way.
  • G-1-12: You are a spouse or unmarried minor child of a humanitarian status holder (G-1-6).
  • G-1-99: Other humanitarian reasons.
    • For example, a child 0 to 16 years old born of a refugee applicant (G-1-5) in Korea.


Scope of activity

The scope of activity varies upon subtypes.

You as following visa holder can work but must get a permit for activities not covered by visa status. You cannot work at gambling and nightlife facilities and you cannot be a private tutor.

  • G-1-7
  • G-1-11
  • G-1-99
  • G-1-5
  • G-1-6
  • G-1-12

The period of stay is up to 1 year and can be extended.


Grant of status of stay

A person as follows can appy for grant of visa status.

  • a refugee applicant who was born in Korea.
  • a child born of G-1-6 visa holder in Korea
  • a child 0 ~ 16 yearts old born of a G-1-5 visa holder in Korea