Visa Issuance

Visa Issuance


Some visa types need a visa issuance certificate to get a visa issued. I can file the application for a visa issuance certificate on behalif of you.

On the other hand, the visa application itself cannot be delegated because it is held at an overseas Korean consulate. Instead, I can help to prepare some documents to apply for a visa. You can also contact travel agencies in your country for visa application.

Deported foreigners cannot apply for a S. Korea visa for 5 years.

Valid period remaining of the passport must be at least 6 months.


Visa Application

Some visa types need a visa issuance certificate to get a visa issued.

Type A

  • Foreigners should apply for a visa at the Korean consulate or KVAC.
    • Some visa types can be applied online.
  • The Korean consulate will issue the visa after reviewing the application.
    • Review time is usually 1 week to 1 month. Certain visa types may need more time.

Type B: Visa issuance certificate is required.

Some visa types will require the certificate of visa eligibility.

  • Inviter should apply for a certificate of visa eligibility in Korea.
  • The immigration official will approve it after revewing the application.
  • The immigration official will notify the certificate number to the related Korean consulate and the inviter.
  • Foreigners should apply for a visa with the certificate number at the Korean consulate.
  • The Korean consulate will issue the visa without review.

The certificate number is valid only for 3 months and cannot be reused.


Common required documents

1. Tuberculosis checkup

National of countries with high tuberculosis risk must submit a TB test clearance certificate when they apply for a long term visa.


2. Certificate of good character

Some visa types require the certificate of good character from the inviter or other people in Korea to issue the visa.



I can provide the services below for you.

  • I can guide whole requirements and documents to get visa or visa issuance certificate.
  • I can write certain documents required.
  • I can prepare and submit documents to get visa issuance certificate on behalf of you.