Job Search (D10)

Job Search (D10)

Scope of activity

There are three subtypes of job search (D-10) visa.

  • General job search (D-10-1)
  • Startup preparation (D-10-2)
  • High tech internship (D-10-3)

The general job search (D-10-1) visa is for job search activities or internship (training, apprenticeship) in order to get a professional job that corresponds to the E-1 ~ E-7 qualification in a Korean company or organization. If you wanted to continue to work with your E-1 ~ E-7 visa (except E-6-2), but failed to renew your employment contract or want to find another job before the expiration of the period of stay, you may need a D-10-1 visa.

Startup preparation (D-10-2) visa is required if you want to conduct preparation activities to establish a technology company. You can change to a business startup (D-8-4) visa by meeting the requirements like company establishment and government recommendation after getting a education in Korea.

A D-10-1 visa holder can only conduct job search and internship activities, but you can also get part time jobs in certain conditions. The scope of job activities is the same as a D-2 visa. So, you cannot work at a manufacturing factory, construction site, and English kids cafe and private tutoring, etc. is not allowed.

However, a former professional worker who changed to D-10-1 can only conduct job search but not internship activities and part time jobs. D-10-2 visa holders also cannot have internship and part time jobs.

D-10-1 and D-10-2 holders can stay for up to 6 months and can be extended. However, there is an upper limit (total length of stay) for D-10-1. The upper limit period varies by type. (e.g., 6 months/1 year/2 years)

Especially, only 6 months at the same company for internship purposes

D-10-3 holders can stay for up to 1 year and can be extended.


Requirements for visa issuance and change of status of stay

1. General job search (D-10-1)

You must have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, holders of associate degree from Korean junior colleges are also eligible.

And you must not have recently stayed for more than 6 months with a D-10 visa. However, even in this case, this visa can be issued only once if invited by a domestic company or organization.

The internship contract is limited to working as an intern with training allowance for 1 to 6 months.

The D-10-1 visa is based on a point system. Out of a total of 190 points, they must obtain at least 20 points for basic items and at least 60 points as total points. There is an exemption of the point system as below.

  • You want to change to D10-1 status in Korea or apply for a D10-1 visa at the Korean consulate for the first time after graduation from Korean colleges as D2 visa holder.
  • You have graduated from Korean colleges and have excellent Korean language skills.
  • You have worked as E1 ~ E7 visa holder before.


2. Startup preparation (D-10-2)

You must have at least a bachelor’s degree. However, holders of associate degree of Korean junior colleges are also eligible.

And you must meet one of the requirements below.

  • You must have patent right, utility model license, or design right or be applying for them now.
  • You must have OECD intellectual property rights.
  • You must have received the OASIS education within 3 years or be receiving education now.
  • You are receiving K-Startup grand challenge education now. This is only available for changing to this visa in Korea and you cannot apply in the Korean consulate.


Related visas

Holders of a general job search (D-10-1) visa must change to E-1 ~ E-7 visa status when employed. If you meet the requirements, you can also change to a high score workforce (F-2-7) visa status.