Specific Activities (E7)

Specific Activities (E7)

Scope of activity

An E7 visa is required for high level foreign employees in private companies or public organizations.

There are 4 subtypes of E-7 visas based on the target jobs:

  • Professional workers (E-7-1)
  • Semi-professional workers (E-7-2)
  • General workers (E-7-3)
  • Skilled workers based on the score system (E-7-4)
  • Special professional workers (E-7-S) 

The period of stay is up to 3 years and can be extended.


Target job

There are a total of 88 target jobs. For a complete job list, please see the PDF document attached.

  • Professional workers (E-7-1): Senior executive, manager, engineer, nurse, university lecturer, foreign school teacher, management expert, overseas salesperson, translator & interpreter, designer, announcer, etc
  • Semi-professional workers (E-7-2): sales clerk in duty-free shop, air transport clerk, hotel receptionist, medical coordinator, customer counseling clerk, transportation service worker, tourist interpreter, casino dealer, chef and cook
  • General workers (E-7-3): Animal breeder, aquaculture technician, halal slaughterhouse worker, musical instrument manufacturer and tuner, shipbuilding welder, aircraft mechanic, ship painter, ship electrician, and aircraft or its components manufacturer
  • Skilled workers (E-7-4): Skilled worker in the manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, livestock, fishery and construction
  • Special professional workers (E-7-S): High earners, advanced technology workers



    Just because you've made a employment contract with local companies does not mean you automatically have E-7 visa. Generally, you must meet the requirements below but those can be slightly different according to the specific occupation. I can check the exact requirements for you.

    • Foreigners must have the diploma and career related to the job. There are some exceptions like Korean college degree, foreign top class colleges degree, etc.
    • Local companies must have a certain level of sales volume and no tax arrears.
    • Local companies must hire a certain number of Koreans and pay above the minimum wages to foreign employees. They can hire only a certain number of foreigners.



    • Companies and organizations make a employment contract with foreigners.
    • They must apply for E7 visa issuance or change of status of stay.
    • Authorities will permit after checking eligibility.
    • Foreign employees can start a work.


    E-9, E-10, H-2 → E-7-4

    E-9, E-10 and H-2 visa holders can change to an E-7-4 visa status if all of the following requirements are met:

    • Employed in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, livestock, and fishery fields for at least 5 years in the past 10 years with the above 3 visa types.
    • Get a certain score on the score system
    • No criminal record, no tax arrear (but possible after full payment), no violation of Korean immigration law four or more times and no illegal stay for three or more months