Relief Policy for Illegal Immigrants Born Domestically

국내출생 불법체류자 구제

The Ministry of Justice will relieve illegal immigrants who were born in Korea under strict condition temporarily.

So, their parents can stay legally until their child becomes 19 years old or graduates from high school after they have paid a fine.



April 19, 2021 ~ February 28, 2025 (about 4 years)



You who graduated from elementary school before February 28, 2021 must fulfill the requirement as below.

  • You were born in Korea.
  • You have resided in Korea for more than 15 years regardless of legality. But the period of staying overseas for more than 91 days must be excluded.
  • As of the application date, you are attending middle school or high school or have graduated from high school. You don't have to be a minor at the application time.

Even though you cannot meet the above requirements on February 28, 2021, if you do until February 28, 2025, you can apply for this relief.



1. Relief plan for child

As a child you will have a D4 visa until you graduate from high school.

If you have already graduated from high school, you can have D2 visa in case you enter college or another visa for which you meet the requirements. If you cannot have D2 and other appropriate visas, you will be able to get G1 visa for 1 year and change to another visa when you enter college or get a job.


2. Relief plan for parents

You as parents can stay until your child graduates from high school or is 19 years old with G1 visa. You can work to raise your child. Specific departure time will be set by the immigration office.

However, you must pay a fine for your illegal stay. Sooner and better. Fine will be between 600,000 won ~ 30,000,000 won according to the illegal stay period.



Parents and child together must visit the competent immigration office and apply.


Source: The ministry of Justice

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