Seasonal Work Permit for Foreigners

외국인의 계절근로제도 시행


The seasonl work program will start from March 30, 2022. This is different from E8 activity.



You are at least 19 years old and reside legally as:

  • F3 visa holder
  • F1 visa holder except F1-3, F1-21, F1-22, F1-23, F1-24
  • C3-1 visa holder after voluntary depart as illegal immigrant before
  • H2 visa holder
  • D2 visa holder with school permission for holidays and vacation
  • D4 visa holder after 6 months from entry
  • D1, D10 visa holder
  • National of Myanmar and Afghanistan who has G1 visa

There is an exception as below:

  • The extended period of stay for departure has already elapsed.
  • You contracted for work with farmer or fisher independently without engaging with the local government.
  • You didn't contract for work with farmer and fisher even if it is required by the authority.
  • The authority did not accept you as a seasonal worker after checking your application.




Source: The ministry of Justice

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